Progress against our strategic goals

NeSI shares expertise and builds capability in New Zealand’s research communities and institutions, growing digital research skills and improving researchers’ abilities to use advanced digital tools. NeSI focuses on sustainability by embedding training skills and programmes within institutions and communities, taking a leadership role in growing capacity and changing research culture.

NeSI Training 2018

Increasing opportunities for researchers to gain computational skills

Through late 2017, NeSI reviewed its effectiveness against its Training Strategy. These findings culminated in the Kubke Report (Growing researchers’ computational skills to meet future needs, DOI: 10.17608/ k6.auckland.7482116.v1) published in 2018. The report reflected on NeSI’s achievements to date as well as considered what success looks like for the New Zealand research sector in terms of researcher skills in digital eResearch tools. These findings were presented and discussed at various forums including eResearchNZ 2018, C3DIS 2018, and eResearch Australasia 2018.

Building on our ongoing Carpentries (Software, Data and Library) activities, NeSI had a focus this year on building a routine around delivery of NeSI Introductory Workshops to make it easier to start using NeSI. We also supported existing users during the migration to Maui and Mahuika with nationwide New Platform Training events in August including an online event for those outside the main centres.

In late 2018, we were able to prioritise development of more advanced training material to be delivered at events in 2019. This material will target existing NeSI users who want to become more efficient users of the platform.

NeSI training events for 2018

23 JanuaryIntroduction to UnixUniversity of Otago
24 JanuaryIntroduction to HPC using NeSIUniversity of Otago
31 JanuaryCollaborating on research projects using version controlManaaki Whenua - Landcare Research
7-8 FebruaryIntroduction to Unix and HPC using NeSILincoln University
7-9 FebruarySoftware CarpentryUniversity of Otago
14-15 FebruarySoftware Carpentry Training (NZ-wide)Massey University
23-24 AprilThe Carpentries Instructor TrainingVictoria University of Wellington
4-6 JuneOtago ResBaz - Software CarpentryUniversity of Otago
27-29 JuneAuckland ResBaz -Software CarpentryUniversity of Auckland
4-5 JulyData CarpentryUniversity of Otago
5 JulyLibrary CarpentryUniversity of Otago
9 JulyLibrary CarpentryUniversity of Canterbury
11 JulyLibrary CarpentryMassey University
12 JulySoftware CarpentryUniversity of Auckland
12 JulyLibrary CarpentryUniversity of Auckland
6 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingAuckland
7 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingChristchurch
10 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingHamilton
10 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingDunedin
16 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingAuckland
16 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingWellington
20 AugustNeSI New Platform TrainingOnline
23 AugustThe Carpentries Instructor TrainingUniversity of Otago
13-14 NovemberData CarpentryUniversity of Otago
13-14 NovemberSoftware CarpentryUniversity of Otago
20-21 NovemberSoftware CarpentryManaaki Whenua - Landcare Research
28 NovemberNeSI Introductory WorkshopUniversity of Auckland
29 NovemberData CarpentryESR
4 DecemberNeSI Introductory WorkshopUniversity of Otago
5 DecemberNeSI Introductory WorkshopMassey University
19 DecemberNeSI Introductory WorkshopUniversity of Auckland



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