Data services


High-speed data


Move gigabits of data on a network 1,000 times faster than broadband Internet. Powered by REANNZ, research data transfers can be done at 10Gbps. Read more about the REANNZ network.


Secure and easy data sharing


Use Globus to share your research data with collaborators and your audience. Control who has access to your data using Globus' group management tools. Learn how to share data using Globus.


Research data delivery network


Transfer to and from any laptop or server across Aotearoa New Zealand and Globus' international network of endpoints. See the list of national data transfer nodes and learn how to configure a personal Globus Connect endpoint.


A national platform for sharing research data

Map showing National Data Transfer endpoints live as of July 2023.

Aotearoa New Zealand's National Data Transfer Platform is delivered through a partnership between NeSI, REANNZ, Globus, and research institutions across the country.  

Our growing network of managed endpoints are linked to Globus' global network of institutional and personal endpoints, providing secure, reliable, and fast data transfer within New Zealand and internationally. 

New managed endpoints in Aotearoa New Zealand are brought online through collaborative efforts across NeSI, REANNZ, and the IT support teams at the participating institutions.

Across the Tasman, Globus services offered through AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) continue to expand, bringing on new managed endpoints and integrating Australia’s significant scientific instrument investments into the Globus network.






Who can use the platform?

Any researcher or research institution based in New Zealand can access the National Data Transfer Platform to transfer and share research data using Globus. 

If in doubt, please get in touch.


What can you do with Globus?

Graphic showing four ways to use Globus: transfer data to/from NeSI, share with colleagues, monitor transfers, and view using a browser window.


Talk to us about Globus


" hasn't just sped up a workflow it's actually enabled a new workflow; that is, to routinely shift multiple tens or hundreds of terabytes around the world at the click of a button.”

- NIWA climate scientist Dr Jonny Williams. Read a case study about how he's using Globus, REANNZ, and NeSI's HPC Platform to transfer and process climate modelling datasets.


Get started


  • If you'd like to transfer data to / from NeSI's HPC Platform, get started here.

  • If you'd like to share or send data to a colleague, start by installing Globus Connect Personal for Linux, Mac or Windows.

  • To dive into the technical documentation:

  • Have a question about setting up or using Globus? Contact NeSI Support at any time - no question is too big or small. 



  • If you'd like to join the National Data Transfer Platform and host a managed endpoint at your institution, let's chat.


Learn more

Building capability through partnerships

Delivering the National Data Transfer Platform is a collaborative effort, involving participation from national network provider REANNZ, international partner Globus, several innovative research institutions across New Zealand, NeSI Collaborators  — the University of Auckland, the University of Otago, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, NIWA — and support from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Logos of institutions listed in paragraph above - partners behind the national data transfer platform.


Technical documentation



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