Data services

Store and compute on data within research projects and programmes

NeSI supports storage, analysis and computation of research data within research projects running on NeSI. NeSI offers:

  • high performance parallel file systems to support high-speed data input/output when running computational jobs.
  • hierarchical storage management to facilitate access to much larger though lower performance nearline and offline storage.

Transfer data between NeSI and facilities or institutions

NeSI operates a high-speed data transfer platform, in partnership with Globus ( NeSI maintains Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) integrated into its platform, providing researchers with the ability to move data to and from its platform quickly and easily. Globus ( operates a global data management platform and is an efficient, high-speed data transfer tool. NeSI collaborates with New Zealand institutions to help facilitate data transfer to and from those institutions, and can support institutions to esablish their own Globus DTN.

If you need technical support in transferring large data sets to and from NeSI, please contact

Who can store data with NeSI?

Research projects are able to store data on NeSI while they have active research projects on NeSI platforms. While currently NeSI does not provide a long term permanent data archive, active research programmes and projects can maintain active data sets with NeSI.