We're refreshing NeSI's platforms

What's happening

Since 2018, NeSI and its Collaborators (University of Auckland, NIWA, University of Otago, Manaaki Whenua) have operated the current national HPC platform and underlying infrastructure, best known as Mahuika and Māui.

When Mahuika Extension's AMD Milan nodes came online in 2021, it was a first step in our evolution of NeSI’s infrastructure and service models. These resources are important to your work, and we’re committed to delivering accessible, responsive, and flexible national platforms that will propel your research to new heights.

We've partnered broadly with a range of technology providers to deliver next-generation compute, storage, and software solutions for modern day science.

logos of vendor partners - HPE, Xenon, Sempre, Dell, Weka, Versity


We anticipate migrating users in a staggered manner and will be offering wrap-around support throughout the platform refresh process.

Users: Look for updates sent straight to your inbox! Or contact Support at any time for more information.


Sharing insights along the way

Alongside our updates to users directly, we'll also be using this page to share news, milestones, and stories of impact related to the refresh.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our platform refresh plans, please get in touch.

Latest news:

Partnering to deliver next-generation cloud, data and AI solutions that empower Aotearoa's research sector

New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) is refreshing its technology platform to ensure Aotearoa's national eResearch infrastructure and services are more accessible, responsive, and flexible to the needs of researchers.