Photos of NeSI's Training Team: Nisha Ghatak, Alex Pletzer, Maxime Rio, Anthony Shaw, Dinindu Senanayake, Callum Walley

NeSI is committed to building computational capability and sharing training expertise within New Zealand’s research communities. We collaborate with research organisations across the country to deliver and develop digital skills training for their staff and students.

The NeSI Training team includes specialists in research software engineering, data science, and application support. Through our support of research projects and collaboration with international training and research communities, NeSI is working to develop learning pathways for the wider community that are sustainable and scalable within NeSI's existing and budding training partnerships.

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Read more about NeSI's training partnership with Genomics Aotearoa:

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The Carpentries

NeSI is a Platinum Partner of The Carpentries, an internationally successful and recognised programme that teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers. NeSI Research Communities Advisor Nisha Ghatak is also a Carpentries Regional Coordinator for New Zealand.

The pool of active Carpentries trainers in New Zealand remains healthy at five trainers, enabling the bi-yearly Carpentries Instructor Training course to continue to be run by New Zealand community members for New Zealand community members. To learn more about becoming a Carpentries Instructor, you can read about one of our past Instructor Training events here.

NeSI's focus is on the sustainability and scalability of the training programmes NeSI leads. We are committed to developing a pool of certified Carpentries Instructors in New Zealand in order to enable research organisations to build internal training capacity and address their community needs for computational research skills. 


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