Enhance national service delivery consistency and performance to position NeSI for growth

Meeting our objectives
Objective 5

Building an adaptive and responsive organisation

The NeSI team moved to a more adaptive way of working through 2018. We work in a complex environment and need to be open to adapting to changes in responsive and proactive ways. NeSI teams have been adopting agile practices and we have introduced a new agile coach role into the organisation to help on this journey. Team culture and purpose was a focus at our 2018 annual retreat. We saw very consistent messages coming from each team around what they enjoyed about working at NeSI.

Service delivery consistency

NeSI’s new platforms provide a more consolidated and highly-integrated environment for our users. The new infrastructure significantly reduces the barriers to users moving between classes of computing and data systems and they also provide users with a common development and job management and data storage environment. This makes it more efficient to move projects and uses between platforms and also reduces the costs to maintain the platforms.

“It’s a fantastic service, that has been, so far, of immense benefit. It’s not so much the fast computers, as the coding provided by people, that is the major benefit.”
James Sneyd, University of Aucklan

Annual availability of services

The annual KPI of availability measures service delivery consistency and performance. Both Māui and Mahuika have been 100% available since they began service for NeSI. This has helped bring our KPI 5 measure up to 99.6% for the year ending 2018.

NeSI platforms availability 2018


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