Data transfer and share

Progress against our strategic goals

Data transfer nodes

NeSI supports researchers to transfer and share their data, working with research communities, institutions, and REANNZ to improve end-to-end performance and reduce time to solution.

Re-establish and refine data transfer service

Through 2018, NeSI continued to look at how it enhances the essential advanced data network connectivity provided by REANNZ. A major component of this work is to establish a data transfer platform, Globus, across sector institutions, providing a common platform for accessing, transferring, and sharing data nationally and internationally. Early in 2018 NeSI reviewed its current implementation of Globus, building a backlog of areas for improvement. The existing data transfer service was taken down as part of Pan’s decommissioning, and a new and improved data transfer service was designed to take its place. This new service is due to be implemented in early 2019.

Data share

Work was underway before the end of the year to document and productionise the Globus data sharing function for NeSI users and collaborators. Sharing between managed and personal endpoints via GridFTP is being augmented by native HTTPS transfer with new features in the Globus product. This will provide underpinning functionality for development of secure data sharing and publishing services, the first of which will be explored in 2019, targeting the needs of the Genomics Aotearoa (GA) community. NeSI’s partnership with GA is helping us to understand broader issues in data management and custodianship, with discussion underway on access management requirements for Māori and other sensitive genomics data.



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