Enabling New Zealand's science sector to compete and excel globally

Advancing New Zealand's digital capabilities

Supporting research today and tomorrow requires an inclusive partnership with New Zealand researchers, communities, and Te Ao Maori, underpinned by a specialised and powerful technology ecosystem. NeSI is collaborating with research communities across domains and across the country to strengthen their computational capabilities and enable New Zealand’s science sector to compete and excel globally.

As computational capabilities develop, research becomes possible at larger scales, with finer resolutions, and addressing greater complexity. Months of work can be optimised into weeks, days, or even hours through NeSI’s research software & data engineering contributions. NeSI is broadening its sector uptake and enhancing computational capabilities through training programmes, consultancy in research software engineering, and recruitment of NeSI team members with stronger knowledge of and connection into research communities.

NeSI grows computational research capabilities and skills

NeSI NZ science sector


NeSI’s enhanced services, enabled by new infrastructure capabilities, are creating new opportunities for researchers.

Growth in data, increasing complexity of models, and an increasing diversity of research drivers are fuelling new growth in demand for digital capabilities within New Zealand’s research sector. Building upon its existing platforms and services, NeSI is developing new and enhanced services that will leverage its raw computing power and integrate tools like virtual lab environments, visualization capabilities, and other essential data management services. Each of these new service areas enables more varied modes of access and use, and broadens NeSI’s impact and performance.



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