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Kia ora and haere mai!

We're here to enable New Zealand researchers who need to access our services to power their research.

We're ready and waiting to support you, just follow the quick steps below to get started:


First Step

If you are not currently a NeSI user, register by setting up an account profile on My NeSI, where you will login using your institutional credentials via Tuakiri (see section Create a NeSI Account).


Second Step

Apply for access by joining an existing project or apply for a new project.

Note, applications are reviewed on a regular basis - see the schedule here.


What happens next?

Your NeSI Project application will be reviewed, after which you will be informed of the outcome.

If there is any additional information we need from you, we will contact you using the details provided in your application.


Information we'll ask for ...

During the application process, we will ask you for the following information:

  • Your name, institutional affiliation (i.e. your employer or place of study), role at your institution, a contact telephone number, and work email address

  • The title of your proposed NeSI HPC Project, and a brief abstract describing your project's goals

  • The scientific domain and field of study (i.e. subdomain) your project belongs to

  • The date on which you plan to start your computational work on NeSI (not the start date of the research programme as a whole, or of the research programme's current or expected funding)

  • Details of how your project is funded (this will help determine whether you are eligible for an allocation from our Merit class)

  • Your previous HPC experience

  • Whether you would like expert scientific programming support on your project

  • Who else will be working on the proposed NeSI HPC Project with you

  • What software you intend to use on the NeSI HPCs.

You will also be given an opportunity to tell us anything else you think is relevant.