About Us

NeSI - New Zealand eScience Infrastructure - is New Zealand's computing research infrastructure. We provide high performance computers and support systems to enable the country's researchers to tackle the world's largest problems.

NeSI's strengths surround High Performance Computing. We place strong emphasis on both the technical aspects, such as providing excellent hardware and software, and the human aspects, such as support and training.

Our Structure

The NeSI Governance Board is made up of representatives from each major investor, as well as an independent Chair and an independent director with international research infrastructure leadership experience.

Our Support Team is comprised of experts who provide computational science support and work directly with investigators to improve their research productivity on NeSI platforms.

Our Background

NeSI is an unincorporated body, with investment from New Zealand universities, Crown Research Institutes and the Crown, through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The investors are the University of Auckland, NIWA, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, the University of Otago, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Legally, the University of Auckland engages in contracts on behalf of the members.

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