High performance computing and data analytics


Using NeSI’s specialised platform of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources and data analytics services, New Zealand researchers are able to investigate large, unique, or complex projects more easily, quickly, and accurately.


What's Available

Using NeSI's HPC platform, you can:

  • access high-capacity CPUs, GPUs and high memory nodes 

  • work interactively using Jupyter Notebooks, containers, and virtual lab environments

  • bring your own code or access our extensive software library -- already built and compiled, ready for you to use 

  • scale your code and expand your projects

NeSI provides tools and services to help you get your data onto the HPC platform, store it close to the compute, process and analyse your datasets, visualise the results, and share it with colleagues. 

The platform is powered by Mahuika and Māui, designed as fit-for-purpose systems to meet your research needs. For more details on their components and capabilities, visit our User Support Centre.      


Mahuika on the left, a shared storage system in the middle, and Māui on the right, housed in an HPC facility at NIWA in Wellington.


Gaining Access

All researchers in New Zealand can access NeSI's HPC and data analytics capabilities. 

Click here to apply for access


Is it for me?

NeSI delivers tools that respond to researcher's evolving needs, whether it's investigating climate change, human and taonga species genomics, innovations in materials surfaces and structures, seismic modelling, or national responses to a pandemic. 

We also strive to support FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reproducible) and CARE (Collective Benefit, Authority to Control, Responsibility, Ethics) principles in data and research software. 

With a NeSI account, you can:

  • Evaluate our systems
    Researchers new to NeSI are encouraged to test the suitability of a NeSI cluster for your proposed work and determine the rate of core hour usage your project is likely to need on an ongoing basis.

  • Conduct research
    We support a range of research programmes funded by peer-reviewed, contestable grants at an institutional, regional or national level. Researchers use NeSI computing and data science resources and expertise to tackle large, complex or data-intensive projects.

  • Advance postgraduate study
    With many research communities bringing HPC into their work routines and workflows, we recognise a growing need for resources that support a research degree. Projects do not need to be funded by a peer-reviewed, contestable grant in order to be considered for a Postgraduate allocation, but students must be affiliated with a New Zealand institution.

  • Support commercial research & development
    Through subscription contracts, private industry and commercial organisations can tap into NeSI's high-performing tools and user-focused support to power data-centric and data-intensive research.


Learning More / Getting Started

NeSI hosts weekly “Getting Started on NeSI” information sessions that share:

  • an overview of NeSI systems and the HPC platforms' capabilities

  • the available software and environment modules

  • best practice and common commands for submitting, scheduling, and optimising your jobs on the system

Click here for more details or to register.


Technical Information / User Documentation

Visit our NeSI User Support Centre for more technical information and user guides for our systems. Example starting points include: 

If you can't find the technical information or documentation you need, submit a Support request and a member of our team will reply and assist.


Other NeSI Services

Data Services

Do you have large datasets that need to be transferred between collaborators or from an instrument to NeSI's computational environment? NeSI's national Data Transfer Platform enables you to share your research data with collaborators around the world via a high-speed dedicated science network. Click here for more information about our Data Services.


NeSI's Data Science Engineer and Research Software Engineers can assist with streamlining workflows, optimising codes, incorporating machine learning approaches, and find other ways for you to get the most out of the NeSI HPC platform. Click here for more information about our Consultancy service.


The NeSI Training team includes specialists in research software engineering, data science, and application support.  We collaborate with research organisations across the country to deliver and develop digital skills training for their staff and students. Click here for more information about our Training activities.