Flexible High Performance Cloud

Programmable infrastructure for research data collaboration

Flexible and high performance, NeSI's cloud platform:

  • supports cloud native services on open source container platform Kubernetes
  • leverages the open source and open standards OpenStack private cloud framework
  • accommodates high-performance workloads
  • enables autonomy and resilience through being a locally owned and sovereign platform
  • demonstrates partnership-led approaches to enabling Māori data sovereignty
  • maximises opportunities for shared investment and benefits at national scale, including dedicated hardware tenancies with deep local integration
  • supports multiple models of consumption and integration, including on-demand access to shared service
  • provides equitable access to cloud technologies and services tailored to research
  • contributes to building sector capability and opportunity to benefit from the digital agility of cloud

Underpinning this platform is a collaborative culture and values, supporting national research communities and missions.


NeSI's Flexible High Performance Cloud offers infrastructure services including:

Compute: flavours of hardware and operating platforms to support a range of workloads and services

Storage: block and object storage options

Networks: private, public, and hybrid networks connected in to REANNZ and allowing for deep local campus integration

Hosting: owned and operated by New Zealand research institutions, this is a local platform operating under New Zealand sovereignty

Case Studies


This new platform is being developed in phases based on agile and lean-startup principles, supporting iterative development and delivery of value alongside continuous discovery and learning.

  1. 2022-2023 : Initial platform build and validation with early tenants
  2. 2023-2024 : Second phase of tenants; platform scaling
  3. 2024-2025: Wider sector adoption

Early partners are working closely with NeSI, forming joint teams and working openly towards collective goals. If this sounds like you, reach out for a chat - .