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Regular Training Offerings

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Introduction to NeSI

NoneSubmit InterestAvailable on request

Introduction to High Performance Computing on NeSI

Bash, Slurm/NeSISubmit InterestMarch 2024

Machine Learning 101

Bash, PythonSubmit InterestMarch 2024

Machine Learning 102 

Bash, Python, Slurm/NeSISubmit InterestApril 2024

Introduction to R

RSubmit Interest28 Feb 2024

RNA Sequencing 

Bash, RSubmit InterestQ1 2024

Bash for Bioinformatics

BashSubmit Interest14 Feb 2024

Intermediate Shell 

BashSubmit InterestQ1 2024

Genomics Data Carpentry 

Bash, RSubmit InterestQ1 2024

Introduction to Command Line

    --Submit InterestQ1 2024


Other (more specific) training offerings *

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Python for Ecologists

PythonSubmit Request

Genotype Imputation

Bash, R, Slurm/NeSISubmit Request

Long-Read Assembly

Bash, Slurm/NeSISubmit Request

Pangenome Graphs

Bash, Slurm/NeSISubmit Request

Outlier Analysis

Bash, RSubmit Request

Single Cell RNA-seq

Bash, RSubmit Request

Python for Atmosphere and Ocean Scientists

PythonSubmit Request

Introduction to Snakemake

Bash, Slurm/NeSISubmit Request

Introduction to Containers on NeSI

Bash, Slurm/NeSISubmit Request

Intermediate R

RSubmit Request


*We encourage you to submit a request for any workshops included in our specific offerings and beyond by emailing us. However, please note that our ability to accommodate your request may depend on our team's workload and availability. In case of any queries, reach out to us at