The NeSI team installs and maintains a wide variety of computational science applications and packages suitable to be run on HPC facilities. Licences are available for some application packages, while in other cases licences are required to be provided by the researcher.

Pre-installed software

Mahuika and Māui each have their own set of pre-installed software. Visit our User Support Centre for a list of our most popular software packages with details of how to access them and run jobs (including example job submission scripts).

Requesting new software

If the software you require to support your research is not currently installed on our facilities, you can submit a request for our Support Team to install the package(s) you need.

In order to effectively focus our support efforts on our most widely used scientific software packages, we use a tiered software support model. Please refer to our NeSI Application Support Model page in our User Support Centre for more information. Not all installed software is currently categorised within a software tier. We will continue to update our software catalogue over time.

More information

The HPC Software Environment section in our User Support Centre provides useful guidance on the programming environments of Mahuika and Māui, how to compile and build software on Mahuika and Māui, and how to use the modules environment. If you can't find the information you need, please email