Acceptable Use Policy


The NeSI Acceptable Use Policy is presented to each user when they register. By clicking the "I accept the Terms and Conditions of Access" button at registration you are confirming your understanding and willingness to abide by the conditions of usage of the NeSI Services. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, we will not be able to register you or allow you to use the NeSI Services.

Before accepting this Policy, please note: We anticipate that they will change rarely, if at all, no specific copy of the Acceptable Use Policy will be filed under your name, but you can view them at any time. This Policy is only offered in English.

You agree:

  1. Only to use the NeSI Services for the purposes for which you were given access, i.e. as specified in an approved NeSI Research Project for which an HPC Allocation has been given.

  2. This excludes use of the NeSI Services for personal activities such as storing data or files, gaming or using the NeSI Services for personal gain such as bitcoin mining, running trading software or other money making ventures.

  3. Not to disrupt the working of the NeSI Services, for example by knowingly introducing malicious software into them, nor to try to breach their security or use resources which aren't assigned to you.

  4. Not to interfere with other users' work, corrupt their data or invade their privacy.

  5. Not to infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights.

  6. Not to copy or use data from any database or dataset without the explicit or implied permission of its owner.

  7. Not to use another person's login credentials, nor to let other people use your login credentials.

  8. To keep your institutional and machine passwords, login keys or tokens confidential, and that you will inform us (through if someone else learns of your login credentials or if you become aware that the security of the NeSI Services is compromised in any way.

  9. Not to misuse the NeSI services, for example by sending spam or malicious software, pretending to be someone else or by doing anything that might hinder or prevent someone else from using the NeSI Services.

  10. Not to use the NeSI services for illegal or immoral purposes, such as theft, fraud, drug-trafficking, money-laundering, terrorism, pornography, violence, cruelty, incitement to racial hatred, or for offensive, obscene, abusive, menacing, defamatory or insulting behaviour.

  11. To comply with any special conditions and licence conditions that may apply to particular software packages you choose to use.

We agree:

  1. As far as we reasonably can, to provide a 24-hour access to NeSI Services as described in the Service Catalogue on this website, it being understood that there will be times when the NeSI Services are unavailable, for example as a result of unexpected failures, maintenance work or upgrades.

  2. To take reasonable steps to protect your data from being lost or corrupted.

  3. To protect the security and privacy of the data we hold about you.

  4. That we will acquire no intellectual property rights over your software and data.

  5. To provide timely support to users trying to apply for access or use the NeSI Services.

  6. To respond promptly to any complaints or suggestions you make about the NeSI Services.

You accept:

  1. That the NeSI Services are provided "as is" and we can't guarantee 100% perfection. In legal terms, this means that we are excluding all warranties and conditions applying to the NeSI Services, including those implied by law (i.e. we do not accept liability from use or inability to use the NeSI Services which result in losses or damages as a result).

  2. That you are responsible for your use of any advice or information we may give you. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that it's true and useful, but we can't guarantee this. In legal terms, this means that we expressly disclaim any and all liability for all representations, statements, conditions or warranties to that or any other effect except to the extent that such liability may not be lawfully excluded.

  3. That we may make changes to the NeSI Services.

  4. That we will use the personal details which you supply to us, together with records of your use of the NeSI Services, to monitor usage and may share this information back with your host institution as part of NeSI service governance.

  5. That we may suspend your access to the NeSI Services and discuss this with the Project Owner (the individual responsible for managing an approved NeSI Research Project for which an HPC Allocation has been given) and employing institution if it seems to us that you are breaking these Terms and Conditions.

  6. That if it is necessary to protect the NeSI Services or other users' work or data, we can halt the execution of any program which you start; and that we have the right to close disable you from logging into the NeSI Services and terminating your NeSI Research Project.

  7. That you alone are responsible for what you do when using the NeSI Services. If you break the law you alone must answer for it, and if you cause damage to anyone else, you alone are liable, and NeSI partners will accept no liability.

  8. That you will acquire no intellectual property rights over the software or any information we provide.

  9. That we may make reasonable changes to the Acceptable Use Policy at any time, and, once we have posted those changes on our website, the new version will then apply to you.

  10. The use of the NeSI Services and these Terms and Conditions are governed by New Zealand Law.

  11. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please mail NeSI Support (


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