Major Policies

Access Policy

The Access Policy is the main document that explains the conditions under which access to NeSI's HPC platforms is set out.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the uses for which NeSI's facilities may be used for.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlines NeSI's personal information handling practices.

Specific Guidance

Where any specific guidance conflicts with the Access Policy, the Access Policy takes precedence.

Eligibility for HPC access

All researchers working at a New Zealand public sector research institute or in private industry are eligible to access NeSI's HPC facilities. Allocations provided under the Research allocation class also require evidence of scientific merit, typically in the form of externally peer-reviewed grants. Read more about who is eligible.

Files and data

Each HPC facility maintains high performance parallel file systems and regular backup processes for their researchers. This is supplemented by hierarchical storage management, which moves rarely used data to tape. High speed file transfers are available between facilities. Read more about research data.

Security and commercial sensitivity

Security requirements specific to a proposal should be listed during the application process. This includes instructions for how to deal with processing proprietary or sensitive data. To find out more about this, speak to our support team.