Data analytics and machine learning

Do more with your data!

NeSI provides a range of specialised software capabilities, infrastructure, and services to allow you to explore more possibilities in your field, gain more insight from your data, and work more efficiently across your projects using analytics and machine learning.


Specialised software:

  • R and Python users can get right into using and exploring the several built-in packages or create custom code.

  • Jupyter on NeSI is particularly well suited to artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads. R Studio and/or Conda can be accessed via Jupyter.

  • Commonly used data science environments and libraries such as Keras, LambdaStack, Tensorflow and Conda are available to create comprehensive workflows.

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Getting started:

To get started, apply for a project here. Or, contact NeSI Support for more information.


Case studies:

Examples of research projects that have used NeSI's data analytics and machine learning capabilities:


Building New Zealand's data science and AI capabilities

NeSI is excited to work collaboratively with partners across New Zealand's research ecosystem to continue making national data science infrastructure investments that enable researchers to stay at the top of their fields. 

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Picture of NVIDIA GPUs.

NeSI investments into GPU technologies is supporting advanced and demanding performance needs across a broad community of users.