Jana Makar

A view from Ruthe Point on Rotoroa Island, looking southwest over the Hauraki Gulf.  Image: RadishSlice, Wikimedia Commons

Modelling water quality in catchment of the Hauraki Gulf

"A welcome aspect was the very patient supportive approach of the consultants in training novice NeSI users to actually learn and use NeSI..."

NeSI is looking for an experienced DevOps and Integration Programmer to join our team. In this role, you will design and implement a suite of open-source products underpinning and integrating NeSI’... Read more

Research software plays a significant part in how we access, process, share, and understand information. At NeSI, we've been looking at what we do to enable research communities to truly value the ... Read more

From 17-20 October, members of the NeSI team attended the 2022 eResearch Australasia Conference, bringing perspectives and use cases from Aotearoa New Zealand projects and collaborations to the eve... Read more

Please join us in welcoming the newest members to the NeSI team!  Attribution:  Xiaojie Liu, DevOps and Integration ProgrammerI came to New Zealand to study my PHD in computer science of Auckland U... Read more

ResBaz Aotearoa 2022, a week-long series of digital research skills sessions, has opened registration and is featuring 45+ free and online sessions running from 14-18 November. All Aotearoa researc... Read more

Illustration of an electrocardiogram reading.

Hearts aflutter for pacemaker simulation

"This was my first time using the kind of HPC, so the support team helped a lot. I am very grateful for that."
An illustration of atoms latticed together. Image by MasterTux from Pixabay.

Superatom modelling unlocks the next generation of materials

"NeSI allowed us to predict these structures without experimental data. This saved money and hundreds of hours of synthesis time."

We are looking for an experienced DevOps and Integration Programmer to join the NeSI team. You will design and implement a suite of open-source products underpinning and integrating NeSI’s services... Read more

Example of a domain decomposition allowing each processor to solve a subpart of the entire problem.

Improving tools to model seismic wave behaviour and predict earthquake impacts

"Simulations used to take 24 hours, now I get results back in 2 hours. It has changed the way I work."