The NeSI High Performance Computers Māui and Mahuika provide the New Zealand research community with access to a national data-centric and data intensive research computing environment built on leading edge high performance computing (HPC) systems.

  • Māui, which in Maori mythology is credited with catching a giant fish using a fishhook taken from his grandmother's jaw-bone; the giant fish would become the North Island of New Zealand, provides a Capability (i.e. Supercomputer) HPC resource on which researchers can run simulations and calculations that require large numbers (e.g. thousands) of processing cores working in a tightly-coupled, parallel fashion.
  • Mahuika, which in Maori mythology, is a fire deity, from whom Māui obtained the secret of making fire, provides a Capacity (i.e. Cluster) HPC resource to allow researchers to run many small (e.g. from 1 core to a few hundred cores) compute jobs simultaneously (aka  High Throughput Computing).