Data analytics and Machine learning

Do more with your data! Explore more possibilities, gain more insight and create intuitive solutions with analytics and machine learning.
NeSI supports data analytics and machine learning through our services, infrastructure and specialized software capabilities.



  • Fast and secure big data transfer is implemented via Globus. More details about this service can be found here.
  • Our computational science team can work with you to get your analytics workflows working on NeSI. Find out more at



  • The use of GPUs for scalability and to train your models faster. 
  • High performance file systems for fast access to data.

For more information about our HPC platforms, visit our Support pages.


Specialised software:

  • R and Python users, can get right into using and exploring the several built-in packages or create custom code.
  • Use of frameworks and libraries such as Keras, PyTorch, Pandas, Tensorflow to create a more comprehensive workflows


Getting started:

To get started, apply for a project here. Or, contact NeSI Support for more information.


Case studies:

Here are some examples of research projects that have used this capability: