NeSI provides a range of services, people, expertise, and information to help computational research projects become reality

Wahakura traditional Maori woven basket

Securely transferring health study data across the country

“The project team were originally going to courier hard drives across the country”

Genetics and metabolic syndrome

“By using NeSI, the length of time to complete this analysis was reduced by weeks.”

Protecting New Zealand's biodiversity through collaboration

“Finding viruses is never easy. Unlike everything else, like humans, mammals, vertebrates or even bacteria, there is no common shared genes between two viruses.”

Improving New Zealand's weather forecasting ability

A 36 hour forecast by NZCSM takes 130 minutes to complete using 810 processors spread across 13 nodes of FitzRoy
3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase (DAH7PS)

Understanding biomolecular enzymes to develop new therapies

PhD candidate Eric Lang is deepening our understanding of the Shikimate pathway, which may lead to therapies that affect bacteria, but not humans

Tuakiri single sign-on helps eTV service education sector

“You need local, on the ground expertise to draw on. Once Tuakiri came along and became its own national service, things very quickly started to work.”

Modelling ash and gas dispersion for the 2012 eruption of Te Maari at Mount Tongariro

Scientists from NIWA, Massey University and GNS Science work together to test ash and gas dispersion models.

Simulating quantum mechanics

Emerging technological advances in laboratory methods have made it possible for scientists to directly observe the fragile quantum state.

Enhancing rock permeability to improve geothermal energy production

The key to sustainable and productive heat extraction lies in the enhancement of those native percolation pathways. This allows sufficient flow rates without allowing cold water to pass to the receiver wells.

Studying the shape and the size of the universe

“The results could provide a very important piece of information about the connection between quantum physics and General Relativity and how the universe emerged from the quantum foam of spacetime.”