Access Policy


Our Access Policy provides essential information for researchers accessing the following NeSI services:

This policy outlines the terms and conditions, how access is allocated, and any applicable costs.

A key change to the new policy is the removal of cost recovery from researchers applying for Merit and Post-graduate allocations. This removal of cost to access NeSI HPC eliminates the major barrier reported by researchers in limiting their ability to use NeSI’s platforms, and opens access to our platforms for current and emerging researchers working on New Zealand’s research priorities. Note that Proposal Development allocations are always provided free of charge.

PDF iconNeSI Access Policy 3.0.pdf

About its Creation

This policy is periodically reviewed and revised in consultation with NeSI’s Board, management team, and users. Members of these groups represent computational science expertise alongside knowledge of the New Zealand research systems funding and management mechanisms.

Revision History

VersionDateChange Description
3.012 May 2015Major revision
1.210 July 2013Added Postgraduate allocation class. Restructured content for readability.
1.110 July 2012Minor textual corrections and clarifications around pricing structure.
1.001 May 2012First version created.