High Performance Computing

Use the country’s most powerful computers for your research

High Performance Computing (HPC), also known as supercomputing, allows New Zealand researchers to tackle large, difficult problems and conduct research investigations much faster.

NeSI's HPC facilities are the country's most powerful computers for scientific computing and our staff's expertise is world-class. Combined, these resources, services and support enable New Zealand researchers to greatly increase the size and speed of processing their scientific workloads, and to investigate scientific problems that were previously impossible .

Gaining Access

Evaluate our systems

Fill in our Proposal Development allocation class form. Form submissions are reviewed weekly, require no funding and you can probably be up and running within 10 business days.

Conduct research

Fill in our Research allocation class form. Form submissions are reviewed every two months. Investigators are required to provide evidence of scientific merit via a peer-reviewed research grant, 20% funding and have experience operating an HPC facility. This can be demonstrated via reference to a previous Proposal Development allocation. Researchers are typically submitting their first jobs within 20 working days of the form submission being reviewed.

Postgraduate study

Fill in our Postgraduate allocation class form. Postgraduates have lowered entry requirements than career researchers. While they need to provide 20% funding, they do not have to demonstrate the project's scientific merit. Experience operating an HPC facility remains highly desireable. New researchers should first gain access via NeSI's Proposal Development allocation class.

Conduct commercial research & development

We welcome commercial research at NeSI. Businesses are required to provide 100% funding for their time and demonstrate experience using an HPC facility. For evaluation and testing, use the standard Proposal Development allocation class form. Proposal Development applications can be submitted outside of any formal arrangement at any time and provide zero cost access. Contact the NeSI Director, Nick Jones nick.jones@nesi.org.nz to discuss further.

Links to other NeSI Services

NeSI's Computational Science Collaboration service is accessible to research groups who have a current HPC project. We can assist to streamline workflows, optimise codes, enhance I/O performance and find other ways to enable you to get the most out of the NeSI HPC Service.

The NeSI Research Data service enables very easy data transfer between your local institution and NeSI facilities.

Technical Information

NeSI has several computing platforms across a number of architectures. Our systems are increasingly being supplemented with accelerators, such as NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. The diversity of platforms enables research groups to perform sophisticated benchmarking and identify precisely where their workloads run best. Read more on NeSI's HPC platforms.