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Despite the range of challenges 2020 presented for research community gatherings last year, NeSI's re-branding and hosting of the New Zealand Research Software Engineering (NZ RSE) Conference was a resounding success for strengthening connections between those working on the cusp of technical and research domains. 

From April - May 2021, NeSI hosted a ‘NeSI know-how’ webinar mini-series. These short & sharp sessions shared a taste for what is possible when you work on NeSI platforms.Each session was under one hour and covered a popular topic for getting started on the NeSI HPC platform. You can watch the recordings by clicking the links below:4 Tips for getting started with NeSI

If you haven’t heard, there have been massive improvements to the high performance computing (HPC) Carpentry lessons and now is a great time to join the community! 

It's a transformative time for data science and eResearch in New Zealand right now. Projects across many domains are becoming more data-intensive, and we're seeing contemporary Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques being widely adopted.

High performance computing (HPC) enthusiasts around the world have been hard at work improving the HPC Carpentry curriculum so that there is a Carpentries style introduction to using HPC systems effectively. Of course, the purpose of an HPC Carpentry workshop is not to give an exhaustive course on parallel programming in just two days’ teaching time. Instead, the workshop is intended to give students a good introduction and overview of the tools available and how to use them effectively.

Aotearoa New Zealand's response to Covid-19 – a global success story in many ways – was achievable through collaborative research efforts, targeted modelling, rapid genome sequencing, and access to powerful eResearch infrastructure.

We are pleased to share with you NeSI's Annual Review for 2020:Click here to dive in and start reading

Please join us in welcoming the newest member to the NeSI team! Jehferson is an HPC and Cloud Systems Engineer, and based in Wellington at NIWA.

Starting on 15 April NeSI is hosting a ‘NeSI know-how’ webinar mini-series.  You are invited to come to one or all lunchtime sessions to get a taste for what is possible when you work on NeSI platforms. Each session will be under one hour and will cover a popular topic among our present users. Check out the schedule below and register to attend today.

We are now accepting applications for the Carpentries instructor training workshop happening this May - it is a wonderful learning opportunity for people wanting to develop their teaching skills, teaching attendees how to create a great learning environment and run effective training events. If you want to know more about instructor training you can read about one of our past instructor training events