Celebrating Prof. Cristin Print, our dear colleague and a World Class Award winner!

Earlier this month, Professor Cristin Print was celebrated with a World Class Award at the Kea World Class Awards dinner.

Cris’ work in data-intensive molecular work and gene discovery within whole genomes and for diseases such as cancer is recognised globally. His career has spanned many domains, as an educator, researcher, entrepreneur, surgeon, and in governance, all of which he artfully balances in combination.

Alongside Cris’ recognition last year through the NZ Society of Oncology through their prestigious Translational Research Award, here we see a very broad recognition of Cris’ contributions, supporting our communities and whānau in their health and our wider society in education, wellness, and the true spirit of our Te Tiriti partnership.

NeSI Board Chair Rick Christie shared his warm congratulations for Cris’ well deserved recognition, noting, “It has been great to have been associated with Cris over the years, he’s offered astute advice with great humility, and we have been the richer for it as we have built and developed NeSI."

Cris has been a member of NeSI’s Research Reference Group, providing his expert advice as an advanced user of High Performance Computing and wider range of platforms alongside his appreciation of the inherent human capacity challenges involved in deploying such advanced technologies.

NeSI Director Nick Jones added his appreciation and recognition of Cris’ contributions.

“Cris has an amazing ability to carry a breadth and depth of perspective unmatched by almost anyone in the field, and yet he makes everyone around him feel essential to the kaupapa," said Nick. "He builds teams of highly talented people, and enters into his work in a genuine spirit of partnership, often placing himself as the teina or student to the partner as tuakana or expert guide.”

To read more about Cris and the 2023 Kea World Class New Zealand Award, click here.