Aotearoa New Zealand’s first macro view of research data

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the efforts to build an initial macro view of research data in Aotearoa.

We were very excited to share preliminary results with contributing institutions earlier this month, discussing the shared pain in completing the exercise and early insights gained.

An infographic showing early insights from consultation with institutions on their research data


The slides from the meeting are available to view and we will be sharing these results more widely at eResearch Australasia (16-20 October 2023) and International Data Week 2023 (23-26 October 2023) alongside Australian colleagues. During those events we will be seeking additional feedback as part of our wider consultation process.

In the meantime, conversations are continuing to define next steps and we welcome your participation. 

Help us compile a Macro View of research data in Aotearoa New Zealand 

As a nascent community, we are now preparing for the first Macro View estimate of research data volume for Aotearoa New Zealand.

We will be using the following questions to do this:



Please provide your estimated:

  1. Volume of first copy content held future access in managed services

  2. Volume of data openly discoverable

  3. Volume of first copy content in services promoted as suitable for sensitive data – meeting ethics and privacy requirements

  4. Total storage volume consumed to support the above research data (including replications, etc.)



Definition of terms:

  • Volume: Terabytes (TB)

  • First copy content: For 1), 2), and 3), only count the first copy of the content as presented on managed services (do not count the backup or replication / redundancy copies)

  • Managed service: Service for which an institution provides stewardship. We acknowledge that data is held in services not managed at the organisational level.

  • Openly discoverable: Includes data which may not be openly accessible.

  • Total storage volume: First copy content as well as backups, redundancies and/or replications.

  • Content: Acknowledges that there is difficulty distinguishing between what is research data and what is other files within the system.


We're also seeking to understand the Indigenous Data Sovereignty of research data held by New Zealand research institutions, which adds a crucial Aotearoa perspective. This process will therefore need kōrero (conversation) with and guidance by Māori to refine how best to engage with this topic, with the aim to give a view of Māori data sovereignty and Te Tiriti fulfilment within research data held in New Zealand. 

We are keen to include as many research institutes in Aotearoa New Zealand as possible in order to build an accurate Macro View of data up to 31 December 2022.

For further information and to get your organisation involved, please email Claire Rye, NeSI Product Manager - Data Services,