NeSI provides a range of services, people, expertise, and information to help computational research projects become reality

Pushing cancer cells’ self-destruct button

“Synthetic lethality is an interaction between two genes where only inactivation of both genes kills a cell or organism.”
Wahakura traditional Maori woven basket

Securely transferring health study data across the country

“The project team were originally going to courier hard drives across the country”

Genetics and metabolic syndrome

“By using NeSI, the length of time to complete this analysis was reduced by weeks.”

Helping refine Parkinson’s disease analysis

A science researcher developing predictive models for pre-clinical detection of cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease says NeSI is enabling him to conduct his research more effectively.
Modelling of a drug bound to the migraine target Calcitonin gene-related peptide

Molecular modelling in cancer research

Advances in computing are vital to cancer research. They open up opportunities to discover new drugs from the molecular basis of disease.