Kirsten Brown

NeSI explores innovative uses of cloud services for advanced computing

The needs of the New Zealand research community for advanced computing platforms is growing along with the range of possibilities to meet those needs.

Speeding up Basilisk with GPGPUs

A NeSI case study by Dr Emily Lane of NIWA.

NeSI’s supercomputer helps shed light on future climate

“NeSI is providing the supercomputing infrastructure on which we are producing climate simulations, both globally and using a regional climate model. You cannot operate an Earth System Model without a supercomputer."

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University of Otago researchers join the international high-speed data superhighway

“NeSI provides its partners with access to best High Performance Computing practices from around the world; and with the concepts, ideas and practical help to make these sorts of research IT services a reality.”

Helping communities anticipate flood events

"The aim of this collaborative consultation project was to enable scientists to obtain results faster, run larger simulations with wider catchment areas, and execute bigger ensemble runs."

The University of Otago is at the technological frontier

“We are committed to ensuring that their research is successful and completed on time. If problems arise, we step in as quickly as we can.”