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The first half of 2021 saw lifts in usage and reach for all NeSI services, demonstrating the continued growth and potential for growth of computational science across New Zealand's research ecosystem.Now that we have some mid-year data logged, we thought we'd share a few of the interesting and exciting milestones achieved in 2021 so far.  

How can research facilities and their leaders increase diversity within their workforce? A range of opportunities exist across all levels of an organisation, from governance and leadership positions to workplace environments to event-related actions.

If you have organised an event, you know that planning is much easier when you do it with others. This is the premise behind a new workshop planning checklist developed by NeSI which describes what roles to fill and tasks to complete in order to run a successful (and hopefully stress-free) training event. 

NeSI is committed to growing the capabilities of the New Zealand research sector by providing relevant training. This gets tricky as demand for digital skills grows and the list of training ideas gets longer and longer. The NeSI team has identified six training ideas that we consider high value, but we need your feedback and opinions to confirm or reject our hunches. Any input you provide us will be used to help us prioritise our efforts so that we can continue to deliver training that is meaningful and timely. 

NeSI's HPC platform, Data Transfer platform, and team members are available to support research projects during all Alert Levels.

NeSI has an exciting opportunity for a DevOps and Integration Programmer to join our team.

NeSI has an exciting opportunity available to join our team as a Business Operations Manager. If you’re interested in leading edge technology and scientific research, this senior operational management role may be your next move.

Between September and December 2021, NeSI and Genomics Aotearoa are co-hosting or helping deliver a range of immersive skill-building events for New Zealand's bioinformatics and genomics communities.By sharing expertise and building capability in New Zealand’s research communities and institutions, these events aim to improve researchers’ ability to adopt eResearch techniques that today’s complex questions require.

Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) can significantly accelerate compute-intensive research, but are they a fit for your particular project?In this webinar recording, NeSI's Alexander Pletzer walks through some of the key questions that can help determine whether GPUs are among the best tool(s) for your project's needs. These questions include: