Highlights from AU NZ Carpentries Community Call in November 2023

On 2 November, Nisha Ghatak (NeSI) and Liz Stokes (ARDC) hosted the final Carpentries communities discussion this year for members in New Zealand and Australia.


The primary aim of the call was to engage in a casual conversation with attendees, initially fostering a festive atmosphere by spreading some Christmas cheer in light of the upcoming holiday period! The conversations revolved around reflecting on the past year, gathering feedback on the organisation of these Trans-Tasman community calls, and brainstorming ways to enhance the overall experience for community members in 2024.


Attendees reflected on activities within their own Carpentries communities and advocated for a more engaging community call schedule — shifting from bimonthly to monthly calls, preventing any missed opportunities. Our strategic move of alternating Zoom hosting between AU and NZ garners positive feedback!

Community members anticipate new topics to be on the horizon as we plan ahead for the upcoming year, possibly offering options for fresh material development. Community members are also wondering whether there is a possibility to launch new Carpentries communities and additional 'Train the Trainer' sessions which can provide stability in workshops.

Moving Forward

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this call! We appreciate the time you took to discuss our approach to organising these community calls this year and for helping us brainstorm ideas on how to make this a better experience for you in the upcoming year. Please feel free to check our notes from the call here.

Responding to attendee inputs, we're committed to publishing our 2024 community call calendar well in advance, enhancing planning capabilities.

As we envision community initiatives for the upcoming year, look forward to some engaging conversations, a transformative journey in instructor training, lesson development chats, and more innovative collaborations!