NeSI provides a range of services, people, expertise, and information to help computational research projects become reality

Enhancing rock permeability to improve geothermal energy production

The key to sustainable and productive heat extraction lies in the enhancement of those native percolation pathways. This allows sufficient flow rates without allowing cold water to pass to the receiver wells.

Studying the shape and the size of the universe

“The results could provide a very important piece of information about the connection between quantum physics and General Relativity and how the universe emerged from the quantum foam of spacetime.”

When asking for help leads to a 1300x speedup

“[This] enabled us to complete the entire computation within 24 hours.”

Examining the Earth’s electro-magnetic field in 3D

Researchers achieve 80 fold speedup thanks to hardware and support available through NeSI

Simulating storms to improve building codes

How good is the Wind Loading Standard at estimating wind loads for structures in rugged terrain where direct wind measurements are not available?

Forecasting hazards with new adaptive modelling techniques

“Adaptive methods are being used to improve the accuracy and timeliness of wind, wave and tsunami forecasts”

Modelling glaciers of the Southern Alps

"Without this fantastic resource, high resolution modelling of large ice sheet domains would be impossible."
Visualisation of turbulence

Advancing computational fluid dynamics

Researcher uses NeSI and discovers that his 24h computation takes 2.5min

Digital support in a national crisis

In the two weeks immediately following the February earthquake, eResearch handled more than 660 GB of data storage and distribution requirements of various agencies and groups across New Zealand through the BeSTGRID DataFabric.