eResearch NZ 2020 Workshop Spotlight - Delving into machine learning on NeSI

The keynotes are booked, preliminary programme is live, and pre-conference workshops are filling up for eResearch NZ 2020!

Co-hosted by NeSI, Genomics Aotearoa, and REANNZ, eReseach NZ is New Zealand's premier event with communities exploring the ways that data science and associated technologies can be used to support and advance research outcomes in NZ and internationally. 

Standard registration for the event will close on Monday 03 February - click here to register today!

NeSI eResearch NZ 2020


NeSI at eResearch NZ

NeSI has a number of team members participating in the eResearch NZ programme - click here for a brief overview.

One workshop we're particularly looking forward to is happening on Day One - 12 Wednesday. Since launching its new platforms in 2018, NeSI has been exploring the impacts and opportunities for machine learning in New Zealand's research ecosystem. If you have questions about how NeSI and machine learning can support your research or you would like to experiment with machine learning using NeSI, you can find more information here or connect with our computational science team to talk about options for your project. 

We anticipate this tutorial at eResearch NZ will be the first of more machine learning focused sessions to come.

eResearch NZ 2020 - NeSI Tutorial Spotlight

First steps in machine learning with NeSI
Wednesday 12 February
1:30 - 5:30 pm

Chris Scott, Alex Pletzer, Wolfgang Hayek, Nooriyah Lohani - NeSI
Kameron Christopher - NIWA

This is a hands on, beginner level workshop on machine learning with NeSI. We will focus on image recognition as an example but this workshop should also be useful to those who wish to build their confidence with machine learning tools such as Keras and TensorFlow.

The session will begin with a broad introduction to some of the machine learning techniques that will be applied during the workshop, such as convolutional neural networks. Then we will create and train a machine learning model to count objects in images using Keras and TensorFlow within a Python notebook environment. This workshop will then focus on tweaking the model to improve performance. The attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the group to learn from each other’s experiences and discuss any pitfalls that were encountered, such as overfitting.

This workshop is aimed at building your confidence in applying machine learning tools and techniques and to prepare you for taking the next steps in using machine learning for your research.

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