Kirsten Brown

On the 22nd and 23rd of June the University of Canterbury hosted a two-day Software Carpentry course. The instructors - Paul Gardner, Richard Clare, and Constantine Zakkaroff - are all certified S... Read more

Cellulose unchained

“NeSI is an amazing resource for the New Zealand science community. Not only is our dream to unchain the structure of cellulose within reach, it looks like we will be able to achieve it more smartly and quickly than ever.”

 Issue No. 30June 2016NeSI Software Carpentry workshop at Massey UniversityWinter Bootcamp is coming!Introducing NeSI's Engagement teamAdvanced Research Computing Boosts Quality of Canadian Researc... Read more

NeSI is very happy to introduce our two-women powerhouse Engagement team - Engagement Manager Georgina Rae and Research Communities Manager Aleksandra Pawlik.Attribution: Georgina Rae Georgina Rae ... Read more

Software Carpentry's mission is to help scientists and engineers get more research done in less time and with less pain by teaching them basic lab skills for scientific computing. This hands-on wor... Read more

Our colleagues at Compute Canada have recently analysed how using advanced computing resources impacts research outputs:Informed by the collection of CVs from more than 2,300 Canadian faculty membe... Read more

NeSI and Massey University joined together in June 2016 to present a Software Carpentry workshop at Massey's Palmerston North campus. Four of the trainers wrote the following blog about the success... Read more

Now that you understand the value of parallelising your code, this session will discuss how this approach can be applied to distributed-memory machines (i.e. taking your parallel code from your des... Read more

Know the value of parallelising your code but not sure where to start, or maybe you're not even sure how parallelisation could help your research?OpenMP provides an API for parallelising your resea... Read more

Have you always wondered whether or not your research could benefit from taking the leap to HPC? Come and talk to one of the experts… No question is a dumb question!No need to register - find more ... Read more