High Performance Computing training

High Performance Computing (HPC) is becoming a part of standard suite of tools for researchers across domains. New Zealand eScience Infrastructure offers HPC training helping researchers in New Zealand start using our infrastructure and advance their HPC skills.

Our "Introduction to HPC using NeSI" is a fully hands-on course which allows you to get onboard and try out the power of HPC through guided instruction. The course is typically run as a half-day event. However, depending on the audience needs and time they have available, it can be turned into a full-day course. Since this is a fully hands-on training, the number of participants is limited to 30 per session. We run "Introduction to HPC using NeSI" on regular basis allowing new users to gain more confidence in working on NeSI clusters.

This introductory course will teach you how to access NeSI infrastructure, sumbit and manage your jobs. After completing the training you will know how to transfer your data to the cluster and download the results. You will be able to access software avaiable for users on our machines and apply it for your own research.

We provide intermediate and advanced HPC courses on demand addressing specific needs of research communities. So far some of the most popular courses were "Introduction to MPI (Message Passing Interface)" and "Introduction to OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing)" .  We are keen to deliver specialised and more advanced HPC training based on requests coming from research communities. If you are interested to discuss that, please contact us.