Nisha Ghatak, NeSI Training Lead, elected to global training community Board of Directors

Nisha Ghatak, NeSI Research Communities Advisor and Training Lead, has been elected to the Board of Directors of The Carpentries, a global community focused on teaching coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. It's an exciting opportunity to leverage the voices of South Pacific training communities as well as help bridge international knowledge or collaborations into local initiatives.

She joins three other newly community-elected members who will begin three-year terms in February:

  • Nisha Ghatak: New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (term ends February 2027)
  • Jannetta Steyn: Newcastle University (term ends February 2027)
  • Mark Crowe: QCIF (term ends February 2027)
  • Paola Corrales: University of Buenos Aires (term ends February 2027)

Last year Nisha joined The Carpentries' Executive Council, gaining insight into The Carpentries' internal structure and implementation of Governance policies.

"This has been an incredibly helpful learning curve as the experience enabled me to develop and execute strategic initiatives that align with The Carpentries' goals, ensuring sustainable growth and impact," Nisha says.

As a Board member, she'll be actively engaged in strategic planning, fostering collaboration, and advocating for inclusivity. 

"My passion for promoting equity in digital skill development aligns perfectly with the Carpentries mission," says Nisha. "I’m thrilled about the prospect of continuing the work I’ve undertaken with the Executive Council, further advancing our efforts to build a more robust global Carpentries community through enhanced diversity and inclusivity."

Nisha and the other community-elected members join seven Board of Directors members currently completing the last two years of their term:

  • John Chodacki (President): California Digital Library (term ends January 2025)
  • Yanina Bellini Saibene (Vice President): rOpenSci (term ends January 2025)
  • Sarah Stevens (Secretary): University of Wisconsin-Madison (term ends January 2025)
  • Michael Smith (Treasurer): The PEER Group (term ends January 2025)
  • Tara Robertson: Tara Robertson Consulting (term ends July 2025)
  • Eboni Dotson: Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative (term ends July 2025)
  • Konrad Förstner, ZB MED and TH Köln, (term ends July 2025)

For more information on NeSI's long-standing relationship with The Carpentries (we've been a member organisation since 2015!), click here.

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