Interested in helping NeSI test its next tranche of Graphics Processing Units?

As part of our ongoing focus to support national data science infrastructure investments that enable researchers to stay at the top of their fields, NeSI is rolling out additional NVIDIA A100 GPU cards in early 2022, specifically 4-way configured HGX A100s with 80GB memory each. These new resources, alongside our platform's specialised software capabilities, are poised support access for a larger set of users, as well as more advanced and demanding performance needs.

To help us prepare to launch these new GPU cards, we are seeking researchers / research groups interested in assisting us with some early testing and use case applications. We will have specific features and functionality we'll be asking you to help us test, using your project's code(s).

The testing phase would run between February - April 2022 (exact dates to be confirmed). We are collecting expressions of interest now and will be in touch with candidates in late January to confirm next steps.

Please note, the following tools WILL be available during this testing phase:

The following tools WILL NOT be available during this testing phase:

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If you have questions our would like more information about this Early Access Program before applying, contact