Sharing best practice: How NeSI is building communities in High Performance Computing (HPC)

Best practices are an important means of learning through and from others. In the supercomputing community, this is equally important. Twice a year, before the two major global supercomputing conferences – SC and ISC – the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre issues a best practices newsletter with a focussed topic with input from experts around the world.

Member of the NeSI Team were featured in the July 2021 edition, which focused on building communities in High Performance Computing (HPC). Georgina Rae, Science Engagement Mangaer, Megan Guidry, Training Lead, and Nooriyah Lohani, Research Communities Advisor, shared how NeSI is striving to build communities within the New Zealand research sector.

Watch the video interview below, where they answered three main questions:

  • Why is NeSI trying to build communities in HPC?
  • How is NeSI building a community in HPC?
  • What learnings have NeSI found in community building?


To view the full playlist of interviews and hear what answers Pawsey in Australia and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre (NERSC) in the United States had to those same three questions, click here.


Want to join the communities NeSI mentioned in the video?