Connect with the NeSI Team at eResearch NZ 2021

With two weeks to go until eResearch NZ 2021, the NeSI Team is looking forward to the convesations and connections this year's hybrid approach will enable for research communities across New Zealand and Australia. Happening from 10-12 February, eResearch NZ is co-hosted by NeSI, Genomics Aotearoa, and REANNZ. This year's theme is 'Level UP', focusing on the increasing speed, agility, scale, and collaboration required in research today.

Registration deadlines:

  • In-person registration - 03 February
  • Virtual registration - 09 February

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NeSI at eResearch NZ

We're excited to have a number of NeSI team members participating in the programme, either leading or co-hosting sessions to share their expertise and experiences across a range of eResearch topics: 

Day 1 - Wednesday 10 February

  • Jun Huh - Taonga: building a data repository for genomics research in New Zealand
  • Dinindu Senanayake (and Ngoni Faya from Genomics Aotearoa) - Paving the way for Bioinformatics excellence in New Zealand
  • Maxime Rio - Machine Learning on NeSI 101
  • Brian Flaherty (and Richard Tumaliuan from REANNZ) - Moving data: getting up to speed with Globus and Science DMZ
  • Jana Makar (and colleagues from NCI Australia) - Challenge Accepted: Responding to community feedback for supporting diversity in HPC & eResearch

Day 2 - Thursday 11 February

  • Maxime Rio - Data science consultancies at NeSI: a whirlwind tour of case studies
  • Chris Scott - GPUs on NeSI 
  • Georgina Rae - Building Partnerships for eResearch
  • Wolfgang Hayek - NeSI Consultancies - Evolving a Scientific Programming Service
  • Robin Bensley - Staying connected in an evolving eResearch ecosystem 
  • Nick Jones – Future of eResearch
  • Jeff Zais - Taking Advantage of Technology Innovations in the Next Generation of NeSI HPC Infrastructure
  • Callum Walley - Virtual Desktops for HPC
  • Albert Savary - Software on NeSI
  • Megan Guidry - Sowing the seeds of capability: Experience what Carpentries instructor training is all about

Day 3 - Friday 12 February

  • José Filipe Gonçalves Higino - Coaching great practices of describing a problem
  • Blair Bethwaite - Embracing cloud-native architectures: What's been done & what's next 
  • Alexander Pletzer and Nooriyah Lohani - Who needs research software engineers?
  • Georgina Rae - FAIR for Research Software


Workshop Spotlight

Machine Learning on NeSI 101
Wednesday 10 February
1:30 - 5:30 pm

Maxime Rio, Alex Pletzer, Nooriyah Lohani, Megan Guidry

This three hour, hands-on workshop, the NeSI team will introduce you to the wonderful world of machine learning via the user-friendly Jupyter on NeSI platform. Come along to acquaint yourself with amazing algorithms and conquer your fear of obscure machine learning jargon. You will be taken on a whirlwind tour of the Scikit-learn Python library during which you will encounter the usual machine learning suspects (aka things that are easy to google). You will then test-drive your new skills on a real machine learning problem.

Learners will practice model fitting, evaluation and model selection. At the end of this session they should know:

  • the definitions of key machine learning terms,
  • the main phases of a machine learning project,
  • the types of ML tasks and associated classes of models.

Who is this event for: 
Researchers or individuals that know a bit of coding but not much about machine learning. If you want to brush up on your coding skills beforehand please consider reviewing this programming with python material.

Quicklinks for eResearch NZ 2021

For more information on eResearch NZ, follow the links below or send questions to Laura Furse -

We look forward to hosting you in Wellington or online from 10-12 February 2021!