Apply for New Zealand Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training!

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, NeSI is going to run Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training 2017. The event will take place on January 25-26, 2017 and will be held at the University of Otago campus in Dunedin. 

If you are interested in being trained as a Software and/or Data Carpentry Instructor, please fill in this application form. We are expecting more applications than the number of spaces available so will need to select applicants based on a number of criteria. We want to make sure that throughout New Zealand research institutions there is a well-balanced regional coverage of certified instructors. This will enable these institutions to run training events as often as they need to. For the same reason we are looking for applicants who actually plan to and can teach at workshops. We are committed to increasing diversity among the Instructor pool in New Zealand so we welcome and encourage applications from candidates with a variety of backgrounds.

To ensure the transparency of the selection process we have asked a group of representatives from the international Software and Data Carpentry community to help us review the applications. 

There is no fee for attending the training but you need to secure your own funding to cover any travel and accommodation expenses.

Last but not least, even if you don't think you meet the criteria described above, but are interested in Instructor Training, please fill in the application form. This will help us better understand the needs for this type of training in New Zealand and develop our insight into research communities in the country.

If you are interested, apply now! The applications will close on 2nd October 2016. We aim to notify the selected candidates by 15th October 2016.