New Zealand Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training 2017

NeSI is happy to announce Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training 2017.

Training will take place on January 25-26 2017 and will be held at the University of Otago campus in Dunedin. This training is open to all research communities in New Zealand, however as the number of places at the workshop is limited to 24, the attendees will be selected based on a range of criteria (details below). NeSI will make sure that the application process is fully transparent and aligned with the principles and approaches of both the national and international Software and Data Carpentry community.

Applications for Instructor Training 2017 will open in the next couple of weeks. We will announce it on the NeSI website, via emails sent out to our communities as well as other communication channels, so watch this space! As an official partner of the Software Carpentry Foundation and Data Carpentry, NeSI works towards growing a country-wide pool of certified instructors in New Zealand. Therefore in the selection process we will look for applicants based in regions and research organisations which do not yet have a sufficient number of trained instructors on site.

Similarly to the approach of other Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training events, we would like the participants to have some experience with the Carpentry workshops prior to being trained as Instructors. If you attended, helped or taught at a workshop, please apply! If you haven't, apply too! We would like to be able to capture the interest in Instructor Training in New Zealand and maybe there will be an opportunity for you to attend a workshop in the near future to gain experience to boost your points in the selection process.

We are looking for individuals with a strong interest in teaching and educational pedagogy because that is what Instructor Training is about. The candidates will ideally be able to commit to teaching at two workshops in the 12 months following the New Zealand Instructor Training 2017. They will also be asked to teach one short module at Research Bazaar 2017 which will take place on February 8-10 next year (currently two locations are confirmed - Auckland and Dunedin - but we are hoping to run ResBaz at a few more New Zealand sites).

We are looking forward to working with you! If you have any questions, please email Aleksandra Pawlik