Shared responsibility approach

NeSI delivers secure, high performance, and flexible eResearch computing services to support New Zealand research communities. Within NeSI’s cloud-native infrastructure, security is a shared responsibility. NeSI’s team and research teams work in concert to ensure the platform and everyone’s data and software remain secure.

The way we work together on this platform is captured within a Shared Responsibility model. Shared Responsibility emphasises the kaitiakitanga, the collaboration, and the coordination essential to its maintenance and to protect the research communities it enables. 

This shared way of working is becoming more common, yet there is plenty to learn. NeSI is openly exploring how we can bring greater value to, or reduce the risk of your research efforts, and of how best to refine the attributes of this sovereign platform and how we carry our shared responsibilities. We’ll share our experiences and insights, and welcome you to share yours.


Shared Responsibility Model


Shared Responsibility Model coming soon...


Version History

VersionDateChange description
1.015 September 2023Initial release.