Machine Learning 101 on NeSI: Now Accepting Applications

In March 2024, NeSI will be offering a virtual Machine Learning 101 workshop and you are invited to fill out an expression of interest form to signal your interest in attending. Date for the workshop will be announced in late February.

Click here to submit your expression of interest

Please submit your interest by Thursday, 29 February 2024.

Selected candidates will receive confirmations via email.

About this workshop

In this full day, hands-on workshop, the NeSI team will introduce you to the wonderful world of machine learning via the user-friendly Jupyter on NeSI platform. Come along to acquaint yourself with amazing algorithms and conquer your fear of obscure machine learning jargon. You will be taken on a whirlwind tour of the Scikit-learn Python library during which you will encounter the usual machine learning suspects (aka things that are easy to google). You will then test-drive your new skills on a real machine learning problem.

Learners will practice model fitting, evaluation and model selection. At the end of this session they should know:

  • the definitions of key machine learning terms
  • the main phases of a machine learning project
  • the types of ML tasks and associated classes of models

Who is this workshop for?

Researchers or individuals that know a bit of coding but not much about machine learning. We recommend attendees are familiar with Python packages Numpy/Scipy to get the most out of this training. If you want to brush up on your Python skills beforehand, please consider reviewing this programming with python material. NeSI is keen for this workshop to be taken up by other trainers in the community and encourages interested candidates to apply.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at