Long-Read Assembly Workshop: Now Accepting Applications

NeSI, in collaboration with Genomics Aotearoa, are piloting an advanced workshop on human genome assembly using long-read sequencing platforms.

This workshop will be led by members of the Human Pangenome Reference Consortium (HPRC):
Ann McCartney (Assistant Researcher, UCSC Genomics Institute) and Julian Lucas (Senior Bioinformatics Systems Analyst, UCSC Genomics Institute).

The workshop’s main focus covers read handling, assembly generation, evaluation, and curation. The workshop's scope also includes comparisons between sequence platforms and popular long-read assemblers, examples of good and bad assemblies, and approaches to assembly phasing.

When will the workshop be held?

The workshop is scheduled for the first week of 4-6 July, 2023. 

Following the submission of expressions of interest, accepted candidates will be contacted about the confirmed date along with other details on the workshop. Please note that the deadline for submitting your expression of interest is 4 June 2023.

Click here to submit your expression of interest

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at training@nesi.org.nz