Highlights from AU NZ Carpentries Community Call in April 2023

On 18 April, Liz Stokes (ARDC) and Nisha Ghatak (NeSI) hosted the first discussion in a series of online gatherings scheduled for the Carpentries communities in Australia and New Zealand.


The aim of the event was to bring together members of both communities across the Tasman to discuss tips and tricks on “Preparing for your first workshop - putting training into practice”. The discussion was spearheaded by two guest speakers, Dr Murray Cadzow (University of Otago) and Dr Valentina Hurtado-McCormick (CSIRO).


Dr Cadzow’s presentation focused on new instructors getting to know and consider the practicalities of their workshop and he spoke about the importance of knowing how their teaching team’s strengths in determining the roles and distribution of responsibilities while co-teaching a workshop. He pointed to how useful Carpentries workbook can be, while emphasizing on installation instructions and running the code.
Dr Hurato-McCormick spoke about her own experience as a recent doctoral graduate who benefited from the Carpentries training. She expanded on her research in genomics and the role Carpentries played in equipping her with the coding skills she needed. Having joined the Carpentries community in Australia as a doctoral student, Dr Hurato-McCormik has gone on to become a maintainer and a co-chair for the Lesson Program Governance Committees (LPGC). The presentations brought to light the blockers faced by newly minted instructors in both communities and attendees took some time to bounce ideas off each other in breakout sessions. 

Moving Forward

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this call! We appreciated the ideas that were shared, the challenges addressed and the solutions put forth. Please feel free to check the notes from this session.

Our next community discussion is scheduled for Thursday, 18 May at 2pm NZDT, 10am Perth, 12pm Sydney and 2am UTC (see in your timezone) 

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