Request for community feedback on RSE-AUNZ strategy for 2023-2025

The Research Software Engineering Association of Australia and New Zealand (RSE-AUNZ) Steering Committee is seeking community input on a recently drafted strategic selection criteria that will be applied to all new opportunities.

In response to a growing need to be strategic in their efforts, they are looking at ways to prioritise their activities. The committee have put together an initial draft strategy document that they would like the wider RSE community to review and comment on. 

Click here to review the draft strategy

Things the Steering Committee would like to know:

  • if the strategic process seems reasonable
  • if the goals seem reasonable
  • whether anything important is missing 
  • if anything should be changed

Any / all feedback can be sent to the steering committee by emailing All input is appreciated as this strategy is hoped to help the community focus and mature over the next few years. 

More information

To connect with others in New Zealand's RSE community or learn more about ongoing initiatives to build RSE communities in both New Zealand and Australia, visit the RSE-AUNZ website or follow them on Twitter at @rse_aunz.

The current RSE-AUNZ Steering Committee is:

  • Nooriyah Lohani

  • Manodeep Sinha

  • Janet Stacey

General Members
  • Justin Baker

  • Rebecca Lange

  • Rowland Mosbergen

  • Paula Andrea Martinez