Celebrating a year of building researcher skills

Since November 2019, NeSI and Genomics Aotearoa have been partnering on training, enabling a growing number of researchers in bioinformatics and genomics across the country to build their capabilities and tackle the science they aspire to do.

This year, the NeSI and Genomics Aotearoa Training teams reached 327 researchers through 17 different training events. This brings the programme's overall year-to-date tally to 1,142 trainees - a milestone to celebrate!

A graphic showing 372 researchers training over 17 events in 2022.

They capped off the year with two major events, the Bioinformatics Spring School at the University of Otago and the Metagenomics Summer School at the University of Auckland, delivered in partnership with local research groups at each institution.

Photo from back of classroom of attendees at Otago Bioinformatics School listening to a presentation.
NeSI Application Support Specialist Anthony Shaw shares an overview of NeSI at the Bioinformatics Spring School.


A group photo of this year's Metagenomics Summer School participants.


The NeSI team has already seen positive impacts delivered from these events, with a handful of new research projects started on NeSI systems as a result, and at least two more new project applications planned to come through in mid-January. 

NeSI and Genomics Aotearoa are already looking ahead to delivering more training in 2023. For an idea of what's on offer, you can browse this course overview of their programme (a snapshot of which is pictured in the image below).

A graphic showing where each course in the NeSI + GA training programme lies in terms of beginner to advanced topics.


If you have any questions about the training catalogue or suggestions / requests for training in other areas of bioinformatics or genomics, contact training@nesi.org.nz

Also, if you are interested in using NeSI to support your bioinformatics or genomics projects, check out these key links to help you get started: