New Milan CPU nodes on Mahuika Extension ready for user testing

We’re very close to launching Mahuika’s new capabilities to the research community – from additional compute capacity to specialised tools for supporting data-intensive research. There’s just a few last steps in our final preparations for launch, particularly related to user experience. On that note…

Join our early access user pool

Earlier this month we welcomed our first tranche of early access testers onto Mahuika’s new CPU nodes. Now, we’re looking to expand that pool further and seeking users who can help us identify any issues with:

  • accessing the new nodes

  • codes that don’t run or have issues running

  • documentation

  • comparing performance to the old nodes

As an early access user, you’d let us know of any issues, challenges, or suggestions for improving your experience getting onto and using the new nodes. We’d also welcome any testing that compares your job(s) performance on the new nodes against the older nodes.

If you’d like to participate as tester / early access user for the new Mahuika CPU nodes, reach out to NeSI Support. Reminder: these nodes are still in a ‘pre-production’ state and so their performance may be unstable.

Further details on the early access testing can be found here.

Who’s eligible for early access

  • any NeSI user with an active Mahuika or Māui allocation

What’s in it for you

  • using our test project, you'll have free access to our newest and most powerful compute nodes (usage via the test project will be free-of-charge during this early access / testing phase)

  • ability to run what you want for the early access phase (eg. tackle a particularly large or complex run)

  • option to request some targeted support to get your code up and running efficiently on the new technology

If you're interested in using our test project for free access and participating as a test user, contact NeSI Support.

Looking ahead, we'll continue to keep you updated on our launch plans for these new CPU nodes, as well as our progress with bringing Mahuika’s new GPU resources online. If you have any questions at any time, email