Join us at CarpentryCon 2022: NeSI contributing to two sessions connecting Australasia's Carpentries communities

 CarpentryCon 2022: Expanding Data Frontiers will bring together the international computational and data science skills community from 1-12 August, and two sessions in particular will bring together and focus on the Australasia Carpentries communities.

The Carpentries is a global community teaching foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. CarpentryCon 2022 is an exciting - and free! - way to connect with The Carpentries community and “level up” data science skills.

Programme highlights for Australasia

If you're part of the Australasia Carpentries community or would like to learn more about what's happening in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, NeSI invites you to tune into these two sessions: 

  • Informal AU-NZ Carpentries Communities
    Monday, 1 August
    12:15 - 1:15 pm NZST

    Session Leads:
    Nisha Ghatak, Community Coordinator for New Zealand
    Damien Irving, Community Coordinator for Australia
    This session is a chance for conference attendees from Australia and New Zealand to get together for an informal meet and greet. Leaders from the AU/NZ community will also be on hand to give an update on Carpentries activities Down Under.
  • Panel discussion: The Carpentries Regional Sub-communities: Activities, Challenges, and Opportunities (Oceania)
    Wednesday, 3 August
    1:00 - 2.30 pm NZST

    Nisha Ghatak, NeSI
    Liz Stokes, Australian Research Data Commons
    Annajiat Alim Rasel, BRAC University
    Joel Nitta, University of Tokyo
    Multiple subcommunities exist within The Carpentries, defined as groups of individuals either serving in the same community role within the organisation, sharing common interests, or located in the same geographic region. This panel will include community coordinators from regional subcommunities that are in neighboring time zones. Panelists will describe the history of their subcommunity, the activities happening in their region, the challenges they face, and identify opportunities for collaboration with each other. Following brief presentations by the panelists and questions from the audience (1 hour), the panel will transition to a brief breakout session (30 minutes). During this time, panelists will engage with members of the community to better understand their needs and how they can best support them in their community roles. The outcomes of the session will be to raise awareness of subcommunity activities, to develop networks in adjacent time zones, and to build capacity in community management across the organisation.

Expanding data frontiers

This year's CarpentryCon theme was all-encompassing, calling for presentations that seek to expand data frontiers. Drawing participation from across the globe, the two-week programme includes:

  • lesson development sprints
  • professional and community skill building
  • technical skill-ups, including tool tips for GitHub, Zoom, R, and Snakemake
  • regional subcommunity updates
  • updates on new curriculum development
  • …and more.

Check out the schedule and pick the sessions that you would like to attend or (if recorded) watch afterwards:

For all event details, visit the CarpentryCon 2022 website.