What kinds of training do you want to see NeSI deliver?

NeSI is committed to growing the capabilities of the New Zealand research sector by providing relevant training. This gets tricky as demand for digital skills grows and the list of training ideas gets longer and longer. 

The NeSI team has identified six training ideas that we consider high value, but we need your feedback and opinions to confirm or reject our hunches. Any input you provide us will be used to help us prioritise our efforts so that we can continue to deliver training that is meaningful and timely. 

NeSI Training ‘features’ currently under consideration include:

  • R Studio on NeSI
  • HPC Carpentry - a hands-on intro to high performance computing
  • Jupyter on NeSI
  • Two day online Carpentries workshop - coding or data management fundamentals
  • NeSI training website update
  • Half-day (mini) carpentries for specific fundamental skills

We've created a feedback ‘portal’ where you can tell us how important each of these training ideas is to you (or you can also add your own idea).

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If you have any questions or would like more information about other NeSI training initiatives and partnerships, visit our Training Service page or email training@nesi.org.nz

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