Running a training event? Use NeSI's coordination checklist to keep planning on track

If you have organised an event, you know that planning is much easier when you do it with others. This is the premise behind a new workshop planning checklist developed by NeSI which describes what roles to fill and tasks to complete in order to run a successful (and hopefully stress-free) training event. 

The workshop planning checklist breaks down the process of planning and running a workshop so that it is less daunting to deliver much-needed skill-building opportunities to researchers, students, and staff. You are welcome to use and edit this resource as you see fit and are encouraged to reach out to if you have any additional questions about planning for or delivering workshops. NeSI is committed to raising the eResearch and data science skills of New Zealand’s research sector and we would be glad to help your CRI or University run high-quality training events.

Click here to download the workshop planning checklist

This checklist was first presented at the annual Genomics Aotearoa postdoctoral researcher meeting held earlier in 2021. Genomics Aotearoa and NeSI have been delivering training together since 2019. After delivering more than 35 workshops that have reached 700+ researchers, we have learned a few tricks of the trade. Check out the material from the original tutorial here which was developed to help people create new genomics workshops that can be run on NeSI compute environments.

If you have feedback for us or if you find this resource helpful we would love to know. Feel free to tag @NeSI_NZ on twitter or shoot us an email at