Pushing ahead with HPC Carpentry

High performance computing (HPC) enthusiasts around the world have been hard at work improving the HPC Carpentry curriculum so that there is a Carpentries style introduction to using HPC systems effectively. 

Of course, the purpose of an HPC Carpentry workshop is not to give an exhaustive course on parallel programming in just two days’ teaching time. Instead, the workshop is intended to give students a good introduction and overview of the tools available and how to use them effectively.

Who is working on improving the content and progressing the workshop?

Lots of people, but especially those in the HPC Carpentry task force. This is a global group that meets fortnightly to improve the workshop material, work out a governance structure for the project, and more. Feel free to check out the meeting notes from the last task force session (15/16 April) and definitely pop into a future meeting if you get the chance - you can view the HPC Carpentry task force calendar by clicking here.

Another way to learn about what’s happening in the HPC Carpentry space is to attend an upcoming community discussion specifically about HPC Carpentry and the flurry of recent activity around this project. There are no prerequisites to attend so please come along to share your thoughts and mingle with other HPC Carpentry enthusiasts. Sign up to attend this session on the Carpentries Community discussion etherpad, it will be held on 21 April from 3:00 - 4:00pm NZST/ 1:00 - 2:00pm AEST.